Keynote & Motivational


Since 2005, Karrine Steffans has served as keynote speaker, lecturer, classroom participant and teacher to a variety of universities and schools, as well as public and private organizations. With an extemporaneous and inspirational speaking style, the author connects with students, faculty, executives, and employees on a human level. Straightforward and emotional in her delivery, Steffans touches the hearts and expands the minds of all who have had the privilege of being in conversation with her.




Curriculum Vitae

  • Be an Agent of Change(California Southern University, Dominguez Hills)
  • Violence as a Language (California Southern University, Dominguez Hills)
  • I Cram to Understand: Hip Hop, Sex, Gender, and Ethical Behavior (Dillard University)  
  • Violence as a Language (Dillard University)
  • The Pertinence of the Black Female Experience: Its Recollection & Distribution (California State University, Northridge)
  • New Black Godz (Lehigh University)



Karrine Steffans

The author and her books have been featured on shows hosted by the likes of Paula Zahn, Donny Deutsch, Tyra Banks, Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, and the queen of daytime herself, Oprah Winfrey. Quite accidentally, the author also contributed satirical editorial to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.  



She challenges sexual hypocrisy and exposes the many ways society gives men a free pass for sexual exploration, while repudiating women for sexual agency.
— Dr. Walter Kimbrough, PhD: President, Dillard University

[Karrine is] …one of the most important figures in pop culture to discuss gender, sexuality, and race.
— Dr. Monica Miller, PhD: Professor of Religion, Director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Lehigh University

An erotic revolutionary who, almost singlehandedly, reshapes black sexual politics by inspiring fruitful discussion about female sexuality and mistreatment, and deconstructing gender double standards.
— Dr. Shayne Lee, PhD: Professor of Sociology at University of Houston